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Heavy duty adjustable pallet storage racking logistic warehouse heavy shelf double deep storage selective pallet racking system

Heavy duty adjustable pallet storage racking logistic warehouse heavy shelf double deep storage selective pallet racking system

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Product Details
Industrial upright forklift pallet heavy duty beam selective rack

Brief introduction of selective pallet rack

Selective racks, also known as heavy duty racks, belong to the category of pallet racks. They are the most common type of racking in various storage racking systems in the world. It is mainly used to store heavier items and must be equipped with a forklift.

Features of selective pallet rack

1. Applicable to all types of warehouses.
2. The entry and exit of items is not restricted by the order of sequence, and the forklift can access any pallet at will.
3. The load-bearing capacity of each layer is up to 5000KG.
4. Effectively increase the storage height of the warehouse and increase the space utilization rate of the warehouse, which is suitable for storage of various types of goods.
5. The beam pallet rack has a simple structure, and customers can freely adjust the height of the beam according
to the needs of the warehouse at different times, so as to store different types of goods.
6. The height of a single column of the upright pallet rack can reach 12 meters. On the basis of the pallet rack, mold racks, attic racks, three-dimensional warehouse racks, etc. can also be made into special oil barrel racks, etc.
7. When installing pallet shelves, you can also install foot plate, crash barriers and other equipment to improve the protection of the racking shelves.
How high can we make the pallet racks?
The height of the selective pallet rack is related to the height of the warehouse, and the allowable height of the forklift trucks and safety factors.
Except for special circumstances, we recommend that the height of the pallet rack be less than 9.5 meters. Because after the height is greater than this, the higher the requirements on the selection of forklift trucks and the technical requirements of operators are, the overall cost of the scheme will be high.

Standard size in 3-4.5M

A warehouse under 5 meters in height. 60% of customers' choice

Medium height 5-9.5 meters

A warehouse with a height of more than 5 meters and less than 10 meters. 35% of customers' choice

High height 10-15 meters

Warehouses greater than 10 meters in height. 5% of customers' choice
How many kinds of selective pallet racks do we have?
Single deep pallet racking
* A regular forklift truck works
* Can quickly and easily access goods in all locations
* 90% of warehouse choice
Double deep pallet racking
* Requires a special and high cost front lift truck
* High storage space utilization
* Save space and lease costs
* 10% of warehouse choice

Choose different accessories for different purposes
Steel panel/shelf
Wire mesh
With support bar
The pallet support bar
MAOBANG (Manufacturer with 23 years experience)
Product size      
Length: 2300/2500/2700/3000/3300/3600/3900 mm or others customized Width: 800/900/1000/1100/1200 mm or others customized Height:
2000-13500 mm/customized
Column: 1.5/1.8/2.0/2.2 mm
2-12 adjustable layers (can be customized)
orange, blue, gray./RAL color; As per customer's requirement
Electrostatic spray surface
Anti-rust, Corrosion-protection
Guarantee period
3 years warranty
OEM&ODM accepted
Use area
Warehouse, factory, any storage places
Knock down structure, easy assembling, convenient for delivery
storage goods, rack, storage
Heavy duty pallet racking,warehouse pallet rack, selective racking,pallet storage racking
Pallet and heavy item storage
Assisting tools
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Company Profile
As a warehouse storage equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of design and production experience, different from trading companies, Guangzhou Maobang Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. does not simply sell products, more importantly, we provide customers with a full set of storage design solutions and supporting equipment, so as to achieve one-stop service.
Maobang’s factory covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees, including more than 50 technical engineers, more than 200 workers, more than 50 sales engineers and other service personnel. Our products include widespan racking, beam racking, drive-in and drive thru racking, racking supported mezzanine floor system, attic racking, cantilever racking, steel pallet and other related storage products. These racks are widely used in machinery, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, archives, aviation, docks, railways, automobiles and other industries.
Maobang has a full set of rack production equipment and the most authoritative product designers in the industry. We have automatic rolling mills, edge bonding machines, automatic punching machines, intelligent welding equipment, bending machines, derusting machines, powder coating production lines, packaging machines, etc.
The monthly production reaches 1000 tons.Our storage racks are exported all over the world and enjoy a high reputation in Europe, South America, Asia and other regions.
Maobang’s mission is to provide our customers with intelligent, cost effective warehouse storage and mobile devices.
Package and delivery
Why Choose Us
1. The monthly output is as high as 3000 tons, which is the most suitable choice for customers with large projects and short delivery times.
2. The 15-person professional technical team can quickly give you the best solution, provide drawings, and provide on-site measurement and installation guidance services. No matter which country you are from.
3. Support customized services, with a wide range of materials, which can meet the use environment of different specifications and load-bearing requirements, like the height of rack in 14 meters, the load capacity of each layer is 4000kg.
4. Our sales team are sales engineers with rich export experience and professional product knowledge, who can quickly confirm customer needs and arrange shipments. Truly one-stop service.
5. We have certificates of SGS, ISO9001, all kinds of patent. Maobang is a real factory with strong R&D capabilities.
6. Our principle is sustainable development, honest management and safety first.
7. Our products, delivery time and service have been recognized by customers all over the world.
Please contact our sales engineer now!!!