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Equipo de almacenamiento de recogida Manual, estante de exhibición de metal, estantería sin tornillos ajustable, sistema de estantería de almacén

Equipo de almacenamiento de recogida Manual, estante de exhibición de metal, estantería sin tornillos ajustable, sistema de estantería de almacén

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Descripción del producto
Warehouse Steel Storage Shelf
Cheapest and functional solution for all kinds of storage and low weight products. Designed with lots of different configurations, easy to set heights, distribution and weight levels. This storage system is usually used on the standard dimensions but it can also be adapted to the dimensions that the client requires.


1. Easy assemble and disarmed. 

2. Easy to transport. 

3. Facilitates stock control. 

4. Cheap and functional. 

5. Easy Access. 

6. Lots of different applications.


1. Low weight products. 

2. For materials that require more protection. 

3. Open shelving applications. 

4. Ideal for material resistant to deterioration.

 5. Lots of different combinations. 

6. Possibility to expand the system. 

7. Ideal to store boxes, big packages and long pieces.

Nombre del producto

200kg Standard size metal storage shelf


L2000 * W600 * H2000mm


4 layers / set

Capacidad de carga

200 kg por capa


Especificaciones (mm)
Estante principal
H2000*D600*70*35*0.6 mm
20 GP container can load about 90 sets Main racks.

40 HQ container can load about 225 sets main racks. 

Size and load capacity can be customized.

L1860*65*40*0.6 mm

Placa de acero
L922*D558*0.3 mm

Addon Rack
H2000*D600*70*35*0.6 mm

L1860*65*40*0.6 mm

Placa de acero
L922*D558*0.3 mm

We are a racking system manufacturer with 20 years history, 50,000 square meters factory, more than 300 workers. We are one of the top supplier in China, can make very nice quality, good price and fast delivery time.

Fotos de clientes
1. Una vez que terminemos de producir sus bastidores, podemos enviárselos lo antes posible. 2. Si no tiene un agente de carga, podemos ayudarlo a encontrar uno.


Manual Storage Equipment Metal show is picking Shelf. The product is innovative ideal for your entire warehouse racking requirements. The shelving is adjustable boltless enables you in order to customize your storage space predicated on your unique needs. You covered whether it's also important to store large, bulky items or small, fragile products, MaoBang's Metal Display Shelf offers.

Manufactured out of top-notch materials, ensuring it is durable. The metals construction gives it added skills and security, which makes it in a position to withstand unwanted fat of hefty items with ease. Additionally, the designs is adjustable one to replace the rack to match your sizes which are needed. This implies you don't need to be concerned about seeking the sizes which can be exact a shelf is pre-made. With MaoBang's manual storages is picking, you've got the freedom generated the area for storing you shall need.

Significant reasons for having the product is its versatility. It really suitable to be utilized in an assortment is wide of including retails, manufacturing, and healthcare. The shelves which are durable it ideal for keeping things such as electronics, clothing’s, publications, and much more. It is actually additionally ideal for storing supplies are medical pharmaceuticals in a settings which can be medical.

This systems is made to be placed together quickly and just, permitting you times which are extra concentrate on other important areas of your business. You cannot need to employ staff is additional spends hours assembling this system. It is effortless and quick, helping you save energy and time.

MaoBang's manual Storage that is picking Equipment Display Shelf is a cutting-edge and solution is practical all your valuable warehouse and storage requirements. This shelving is boltless adjustable and made with durability in your mind, which makes it ideal for utilized in a range is wide of. It really versatile, effortless to gather and provides you the freedom to customize your space for storing according to your preferences being specific. Do not hesitate - spend money on MaoBang's Metal Display Shelf and take your storage room to your degree is next today.


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